Pixelated Moments

Wonderful experience

Amidst all the chaos that politicians bring in, they do few good things for which they should be appreciated. One such is the well laid long roads. Man, they are awesome, built with international standards. Of course it needs to be seen how these roads withstand severe weather conditions. Also, people needs to be educated for the proper use. There were couple of places where cyclists came in the wrong direction and had the risk of being ran over

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Here I come, Garden city

We started at around 06h00 today. The surroundings were idyllic, the roads un-crowded which made the drive pleasant. We reached in 6 hrs. I still cannot believe I drove such a long distance in India.

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I'll miss you guys

Today being my last day, the team organized a farewell party. In fact they organized one yesterday, but due to rain it got spoiled. I brought in this culture and I enjoyed organizing one treat after the other. They were also cooperative in sponsoring these treats. I didn't expect that it will end so soon. They gifted me souvenirs as well. Thank you folks. I will miss you.

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Good bye Chennai

After 11 long years of association, it is time to say good-bye. I started working here in 94. I'd my good, bad and ugly days. However, I am going out as a satisfied and a content man. I'll cherish all these days dearly. Good bye Chennai.

BTW, I really enjoyed doing this photoblog. It gave me a renewed enthusiasm. I want to thank the visitors and those who commented constantly. It will be a while (best case a week, worst case a month) before I start to post here. If you are using a feedreader like Bloglines, it'll be easier to know whenever I post here. However, due to photoblog settings that I've, it shows only one photo even if I post more than one photo in a given day.

Be with you all soon.

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Normality returns

Pixelated at: Pallavakkam, Chennai


It all started yesterday evening around 18h00 and it is still going on strong. May be, the rain water harvesting program initiated by 'Amma' is working well. But the government is ill equipped to handle such a natural blessing! Govt should've done enough for proper drainage facility. Instead of reactive measures, they should concentrate on proactive measures. Why not lay roads properly in the first place? Why give in to bribery and lay third-rated roads? Even the so called national highways are so full of pot holes! That is no good for an upcoming economic super-power!

Today most of the shops are closed, educational institutions are closed, and even few IT companies are closed (what happens to business continuity plan?).

This is the best of the route that I could take. Even in this route, in few places water was up to knee level. Other routes were closed! Heard that parts of Trichy is completely under water.

Rain and heavy winds show no sign of slowing down. Has govt learnt from Mumbai crisis and can handle this one? Probably govt officials are lurking around plotting to butcher! Like in other developed countries, tax payers should raise up to question the govt.

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Rain gods turn to Chennai

I've not seen such rain in my life time here. May be all the bad people have left the city or because good people like me are plenty (Ok, Shiv I read from your blog that it is raining in CA too, so you are exempted!). Major roads are flooded. Weather forecast is that it will continue like this for next 48 hrs. Is Chennai becoming next Mumbai?

Most of the drivers acted abnormally sensible except for Qualis and Auto drivers. Stupid as they ever are, they cause irritation to soar high!

I came early to office to beat the traffic and guess what? They declared holiday! That bad is the situation!

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Isn't it a wonderful site to look at? This is the vehicle that is seen ubiquitous in Chennai roads. It is only during a festivity period that an auto is decorated like this. One might wonder the view for the driver, especially with all these decorations on the front window. We don't worry, because even without all these they are known to drive blindly (really). It is a well known fact in Chennai that passengers feel closer to their gods while traveling in these 'divine-ships-on-road' than going to their respective worship places. That is why present chief minister is taking steps to increase the number of autos in the city.

Pixelated at: Vadapalani, Chennai

Teddy bear

Tell me what is with teddy bears that make them so attractive to women. Honestly, what is it? Why do women are crazy about it? I know quite a number of gals who are like this. Take example my sister, whatever be the occasion - Christmas, New year, birthday, wedding anniversary - she wants a teddy bear. Her request goes something like this:

(Saree OR Churidhar OR Jewels) AND Teddy bear

A software gal she is, she talks like this. Actually now it is better; before marriage she used to start her sentences with BEGIN, punctuate each sentence with semicolon (;) and finish with END. My BIL, ignored anything and everything between BEGIN & END!

Anyway, coming back to Teddy, is it because, they can yell, kiss, hug, kick and yet get the same solid response? I guess so.

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AVM Studios

Well known studio in South Asia; made many celebrities out of common men.

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Pixelated at: Anna Salai, Chennai


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Gas Station

Pixelated at: Greenways Road, Chennai


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Packaged drinks

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Bad sister

I'm a pretty good brother (even those who hate me acknowledge this!). But look at what my sister gifted me for my last birthday. Tell her she is bad.

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Adventures of a different kind

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A broken lamp

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Chaos reigns

I'm no Mr. Clean. I tell people, I prefer a sweet home than a neat home! Isn't it a cute escape?

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Welcome Kolam

Welcome decorations in the firm to celebrate Vijayadashami. Look at the next post too.

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Today is a culmination of 9 days of celebration of Hindu festivity days. There are many folk stories giving reasons for these days. The spirit behind today's celebration is to worship the goddess of success (in studies, in business etc). There are many aspects which are commendable, but what I personally like is that it gives us a holiday!

What you see is one of many decorations in the firm to celebrate this day.

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It is another year

It is third year wedding anniversary for my sister & BIL. Days have gone incredibly fast. I'm very glad, I stood by my sister to marry this smart, funny, easy-going guy. Not only she got a husband, I got a brother too.

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Sign board

Pixelated at: Kottivakkam, Chennai


I knew a gal by name Sandy
Who lived on candy
She made my life sunny
'Coz she was so funny

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We want water...

With unprecedented growth, comes need for space. Fools destroy forests and trees and convert lakes into real estate plots. They make money, while the other side of the coin is failure in seasonal rain. What happens then? Cities go through water scarcity!

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Bon Voyage

The guy in Red shirt is leaving to the US on Saturday. So this was a have-a-happy-time treat, but paid by him. Cool, ha! We had a good time.
Point of concern for me is, I used to have 36" as waist size and I brought it down to 32". Now, with all these treats I'm afraid I'm going to burst horizontally.

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Roadside gymnastics

It happens only here. I'd to wait for quite sometime to get this, as it was a busy road and busy time.

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With economic boom, there are lots of hang-out places coming up in Chennai. I
don't mind them. But they should name these places properly. Referring Merriam online dictionary, it looks like it could be a refreshment of a different sort...

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Enjoy Mady

Yesterday is an old story,
Tomorrow may be a mystery,
Here & now is the only surety.


Have a big smile for today,
Know to enjoy this day,
Harming no one on the way.

My brother-in-law is running away after lighting a fire-cracker.

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A good entertainment

Today 'Sun TV' telecasted 'Youth'. It was released long ago, so this is no review. However, I saw the movie only today, so here are some of my thoughts. The character 'Siva' is different from conventional movie hero characters, in a good sense. But the later part of the movie is with typical movie twist and the movie ends the same way thousands of other Tamil movies end. Direction and dialogues are noteworthy in many places. I liked the songs, especially 'Sarkari Nilavaei'. The song goes with the story and the lyrics are meaningful. I am no Vijay fan, but I felt he acted well for this song.

BTW, most of the comedy sequences are stolen from 'Life is beautiful'. When will these copying practice stop in Kollywood?

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Wet, wet, wet

Rains paint a charming look...

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Heavy rains

There was heavy rains today at around 15h00. It was a nice drive through rain.

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