Pixelated Moments

Team event

All work and no play make any one dull. Add the stress that prevails in current market, you end up with a bunch of maniacs! To prevent such a terrible scenario, every organization arranges team events. This not only de-stress the employees but provides a chance for the management to absolve their sins of killing their juniors on the job (not literally though).

We (I'm in that guilty group), decided it was time to dip in holy waters. Thus came our team event. The whole event was creative. One that I enjoyed was this 'quickie fashion event'. Teams were formed of 3 members. They were given newspapers, color powders and few other similar items. They have to decorate one of the members who should do a cat-walk. This team and especially this guy did an amazing job. Here you see him basking in happiness of being a winner.

Pixelated at: Office, Bangalore