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Teddy bear

Tell me what is with teddy bears that make them so attractive to women. Honestly, what is it? Why do women are crazy about it? I know quite a number of gals who are like this. Take example my sister, whatever be the occasion - Christmas, New year, birthday, wedding anniversary - she wants a teddy bear. Her request goes something like this:

(Saree OR Churidhar OR Jewels) AND Teddy bear

A software gal she is, she talks like this. Actually now it is better; before marriage she used to start her sentences with BEGIN, punctuate each sentence with semicolon (;) and finish with END. My BIL, ignored anything and everything between BEGIN & END!

Anyway, coming back to Teddy, is it because, they can yell, kiss, hug, kick and yet get the same solid response? I guess so.

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At 2:52 PM, Blogger Shiv Shankar said...

teddy is their best buddy !!
nice one


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