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It all started yesterday evening around 18h00 and it is still going on strong. May be, the rain water harvesting program initiated by 'Amma' is working well. But the government is ill equipped to handle such a natural blessing! Govt should've done enough for proper drainage facility. Instead of reactive measures, they should concentrate on proactive measures. Why not lay roads properly in the first place? Why give in to bribery and lay third-rated roads? Even the so called national highways are so full of pot holes! That is no good for an upcoming economic super-power!

Today most of the shops are closed, educational institutions are closed, and even few IT companies are closed (what happens to business continuity plan?).

This is the best of the route that I could take. Even in this route, in few places water was up to knee level. Other routes were closed! Heard that parts of Trichy is completely under water.

Rain and heavy winds show no sign of slowing down. Has govt learnt from Mumbai crisis and can handle this one? Probably govt officials are lurking around plotting to butcher! Like in other developed countries, tax payers should raise up to question the govt.

Pixelated at: Near Music academy, Chennai


At 5:14 PM, Blogger Shiv Shankar said...

Hey Joseph ...thanks 4 mentioning me in ur blog..I hoping to see more pics ..of rain .


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