Pixelated Moments


Pixelated at: Home, Chennai

Courtalam waterfalls

Charm of south Tamil Nadu. Falls are known for its medicinal value.

Pixelated at: Courtalam, Tamil Nadu

Poetic Canal

Legend has it that the great revolutionist Tamil poet, Bharathithasan, used to travel this canal from Pondichery to Chennai writing poems.

Pixelated at: Buckingham canal, Chennai

Another treat

In a sharp contrast to my deep introvert personality, I've brought in a culture of celebrations in the current team that I am part of. The guy in the red shirt bought a new motor bike - Bajaj Pulsar. So it was time for party.

Next week, I am going to host a party. Because...well, who needs a reason? Okay, if you still want to know: the software application that I wrote was featured in a Belgian magazine, ClickX, and the best part is that they sent me a copy of it too.

Pixelated at: The firm, Chennai


After my sister and I left home, my parents felt an empty house. So they got this pet. Dad does more to it than he did to us (at least to me!).

Pixelated at: Home, Tuticorin

Fire crackers

My brother-in-law is crazy about fire crackers. He being a Hindu and we being Christians gives him a lot of festivities, especially towards end of the year.

Pixelated at: Home, Tuticorin

Traffic Signals

Contrary to the popular belief we, Indians, do stop at traffic signals. Conditions apply though:
-Vehicle in the front stopped
-The cute gal (or guy, depending on one's gender and sexual attraction) driving next stopped
-You spotted the traffic police who is standing hidden. And if he is standing so, then most probably it is month end and better stop than spend the next hour bargaining with him. If you've good eyes, you can spot the police standing beneath the (green) traffic signal

Pixelated at: Nungambakkam, Chennai

The sun went down...

Days are fast gone,
And distance, so long,
Still your words make a song,
For my love remains ever strong,
But all seems wrong,
Since you're in his arm

Pixelated at: ECR, Chennai


I had to click a quick snap as many hands were itching to try this yummy chicken.

Pixelated at: Dhaba Express, Cenotaph road, Chennai

Team Feast

Whatever be the happy news - birthday, leaving a boring team, new addition in the family, and marriage - it deserves a treat. And so, today we went to Dhaba Express in Cenotaph road to celebrate the birthday of a colleague and to bid farewell for another one.

Pixelated at: Dhaba Express, Cenotaph road, Chennai

Spicy finish

As if all the thrill wasn't enough, we finished our day with a spicy snack

Pixelated at: MGM, Chennai

Being upside down, on the air

I'd been on chilling roller-coaster rides in at-leat two entertainment parks. Even in MGM, I went on a roller-coaster. But this one beats them all. When I sat inside a cabin and strapped myself to an extent of immobility, I didn't have an idea of what was coming. The machine slowly rocks, picking up momentum. I was going up in the air, going up, and going up. And at one time, I was upside down. I saw people gathered down lifting their head and probably, waiting to run away, in case we fell down. I was there for few seconds. Then it moves to the opposite side and comes down, comes down, and it goes up again. Oh! back to being upside down. This time, I sensed blood going into my brain (if I had one, would I've taken this ride?). I even saw near-by sea. I heard someone praying - he was yelling so loud, that gods could hear it - to his dear god, "Muruga, save me!". Don't know if it was because of this prayer, but we came down safe.

BTW, I made an exception of using the shot by someone else here.

Pixelated at: MGM, Chennai

Sri on the air

When we all became tired, Sri wasn't. She still found enough energy to swing.

Pixelated at: MGM, Chennai

Another beauty

Pixelated at: MGM, Chennai

Ship on the air

Pixelated at: MGM, Chennai

Jungle Safari

Pixelated at: MGM, Chennai

When nature meets nature

Pixelated at: Boat house, MGM, Chennai

Little bird's penance

Can't guess what this little bird would want by standing on one leg. Hope its worth it!

Pixelated at: Boat house, MGM, Chennai

Don't shoot me!

Pixelated at: MGM, Chennai

Boat ride

Surprisingly every one of us enjoyed every ride that we took. Probably it was because it brought the kid in us.

Pixelated at: Boat house, MGM, Chennai

Sliding into water

Water has the power to refresh. From childhood, we like playing in water. Sliding into water has its own magic!

Pixelated at: MGM, Chennai

MGM trip

Recently I went to MGM with few ex-colleagues. We had a great time there. I'll post few photos from this trip.

Pixelated at: MGM entrance, Chennai

Rain, rain come again

Pixelated at: Home, Kottivakkam, Chennai


Pixelated at: Mutukadu boat house, Chennai

Massive stone block

Pixelated at: Mahabalipuram, Tamilnadu, India

Happy Vinayagar Chathurthi

It is a custom to worship the Lord Vinayaga idol, take it to the beach and then leave it in the sea waters.

Pixelated at: Pallavakkam beach, Chennai

Artificial Flowers

Pixelated at: Tuticorin, South Tamilnadu, India

Decorated God

Pixelated at: ECR, Chennai

Green, green Ooty

Pixelated at: Ooty, India