Pixelated Moments

Please don't go away

Don't go away
My dear; my darling,
If you'd fly away,
I'd just fade and die

Pixelated in MEPZ, Chennai

Polluting Singara Chennai

There is no proper waste management system for Chennai. They collect all the garbage, dump it in a ground and then burn it, polluting the city. For a rapidly developing city in a rapidly developing nation, they better do something.

On the beach

Recently, I moved to a house near the beach (Not one of those in the picture). I was always fond of one, and I quickly grabbed the opportunity when I got one. Soon after that, I was going for a walk everyday. But it was like, as they say, having sex after marriage. In the begining, I was going in the morning and evening. Then, only in the evening. Now, hmm... I know it is there. I can go whenever I want.

While on the topic of walking, Kottivakkam has a long strectch of clean beach. However the stretch between Kottivakkam and Palavakkam is getting highly enriched by fishermen folks (if you know what I mean). Hence, I try either Kottivakkam or Palavakkam beach. Hardly I do the entire stretch.

By the way, the houses that you see on the photo are from Kottivakkam beach.

Green Chennai

Looking at this photo, a non-chennai person might mistake that Chennai is a 'green' city. So wrong! It is true that this photo was shot in Velacheri, very much within the city. However, the fact remains that with all the non-environmental-friendly actions, the city is suffering from water shortage, hot summers & drop in rainfall.

Shopper's Paradise

Spencer's Plaza, in Anna Salai (a.k.a. Mount Road)

Need for religions...

What is a better way to start this photo blog than to start with what India is rich with - religion. There are umpteen numbers of reasons why we are religious. But I personally think that the primary reason is, the uncertainty that hangs over each of us here.

Take for example this: When I flew out of India for the first time, I flew from a city called Madras. Then after few months, when I flew back, the city wasn't there anymore. I mean, geographically the city was still there, but its name was changed. This is a country where bus route KK 47 to KK Nagar can almost in a midnight change to JJ 47 to JJ Nagar!! How on earth would I know that? Simple answer is, welcome to India.

Or take the road traffic. The guy in front of you (more so, if it is an autoricksaw) will indicate that he is turning right. So you slow down to let him go, and hey, he is turning left. And here is where 'this will be done in 10 minutes' can take as long as ... well, no one knows exactly, but more often it would drag to few hours and sometimes, if you're unlucky, few days.

Then there are plenty of 'Man proposes; woman disposes'.

As you see, nothing is certain in our land. So, we need someone to yell at, complain to, throw the blame. And once we are done with all of that, we need a shoulder to cry. So we invented God. One might say that, this is how every religion starts. True, but we are still religious and deeply so, because uncertainty still reigns. You might disagree, but this is my opinion. (Just because I pictured a temple, don't mistake my opinion to be that about Hinduism; my opinion is about religions in general)

By the way, the temple in this picture is the first one that I visited (as an young boy, I visited Murugan temple in Tiruchendur and Jakkamal temple in Panchalankurichi; but those were as a tourist), which is in Tambaram, Madras; oops sorry Chennai.

Digging into photo blog

In these pages, I describe my tiny world by way of pictures. As of now, I'm in Chennai, India and hence images will be from this Singara Chennai. Sometimes, I might use photos from my archieves too. I plan to publish atleast one photo per week. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.
And btw, thank you for stopping by here and if you'd made comments, a double thanks.