Pixelated Moments

One stop shop for everything

What do you want? Baji, Coffee, Tea, Brandy? All available in this bus stop.

Pixelated at: Ooty, India

Don't give up

Don't hate all roses, because you got scratched with one thorn...
Don't give up on your efforts, because one of them failed...
Don't condemn all your friends, because one betrayed you...
Don't choose, not to believe in love, because someone was unfaithful...
Another chance may come up
Another friend; A renewed strength will be on your way
It is often through failure that future success come – KEEP TRYING!

Words sent by a friend of mine

Pixelated at: Rose Garden, Ooty, India

Threaded buds

These are hand-made from threads

Pixelated at: Ooty, India

Bon appétit

Pixelated at:Ooty, TamilNadu, India

Missing you dearly

Pixelated at: ECR, Chennai

Kiss me darling

Pixelated at: ECR, Chennai

Cool thyself

Pixelated at: On the way to Pallavaram, Chennai

I go to beach because....

Some people go to beach, to dive into sea; some others to spend time with their loved ones; few go there to enjoy nature (?); and this old gentleman thinks, some have come to know their future!

Pixelated at: Besant Nagar beach; Chennai

This is courage

Sunny or cloudy, Tsunami or otherwise, they keep going. The quote, "Courage is not absence of fear; it is acting despite fear" is very true of fishermen folks.

Pixelated at: Besant Nagar beach, Chennai

Cat on the wall

My parents never had a pet at home. Probably they thought having me was sweet enough. (In reality, they thought my sister was sweet and I was just plain pain). When I moved to my current residence, this cat came from nowhere and shared the compound with us (I had a neighbor). As long as the neighbors were there, they fed this cat. Once they left, all it was left with was, bread slices with Nutella spread. Not to mention, the cat disappeared soon. Honestly, I didn't do it on purpose.

Pixelated at: My current home in Chennai

Her Majesty's tongue

In Tamil, my mother's tongue, we spell to pronounce. Probably that is how it is in most of the languages. So when I started learning English, I would do the same, only to come across a word like Guindy. If you would pronounce as it is spelled, it would be a yucky one, at least for Tamilians. (It is entirely a different matter that we are proud of mastering this language). Tamilians are eternally grateful to Her Majesty for deciding that ‘u’ followed by ‘i’, should be pronounced as ‘e’ and not u-i.

Pixelated at: Guindy station, Chennai

(Em) powering the nation

Tuticorin, a small town in the south TamilNadu that happens to be my hometown, is an industrial town. Even in the ancient times, it was well known for pearls. In the recent times, it has been developed into a harbor (second artificial harbor in the state) concentrating on cargo. It also has a thermal power plant, heavy-water plant, a petro-chemical plant and host of other traditional industries. This also means that we live under constant pollution.

Pixelated at: Tuticorin, South Tamilnadu

As we walk together...

I give my hand to you,
Hold me tight;
I make my life yours
Make it sweet;

Pixelated at: Muttam Beach, South Tamilnadu
(Its my sister & brother-in-law)

Will you wait?

As the sea tries to reach the shore,
I'll persevere to reach you.
Question is, will you wait?

Pixelated at Tuticorin, South Tamilnadu

Loads of crap direct to your TV

I'm not much into watching TV. You can't blame me, if you know what gets telecast here: Slow moving serials whose directors think, the way to mortality is to keep the audience sob and sob or men bashing programs or Jackie Chan action movies translated into Tamil, which has voices funnier than 'The Simpsons' and dialogues that makes the movie into an irritating comedy.

Since Chennai has this stupid setup-box concept, one cannot watch any other non-sobbing & non-comical channels. Now, with the advent of direct-to-home satellite channels (whose receiver you see in the photo), one can watch all those. Have I bought one? Nope, I still feel TV makes one a Couch potato.

Pixelated at Velachery, Chennai