Pixelated Moments

Kaup beach

Pixelated at: Kaup beach, Malpi

Father & Son

Pixelated at: Kaup Beach, Malpi

Building a dream-house

Pixelated at: Kaup Beach, Malpi

Sea Shell

Pixelated at: Kaup Beach, Malpi

Darling of the crowd

Pixelated at: St Mary's Island, Malpi

On the rock

Pixelated at: St Mary's Island, Malpi

St Mary's Island

Our first stop was St. Mary's island. History tells us that Vasco da gamma landed in one of these islands. Island is filled with hexagonal shaped basalt rocks and also with coconut groove.

Pixelated at: St Mary's Island, Malpi

Beach resort

This is where we stayed. Wouldn't call it 'so-great-a-resort', but it wasn't bad. Rooms were clean, but outside was not cleaned; plants were not watered. Probably because we went during off-season.

Pixelated at: Malpe, Bangalore

Team trip

Last weekend, as a team, we went to Malpe beach. You'll see photos from the trip in the next few days.

This photo was taken from inside the bus. Since I had to snap quickly the photo was not framed properly. Yet I think it is a good one.

Pixelated at: On the way to Malpe

Democracy extended

If anyone has any doubt about fullness of Indian democracy, they should adapt their version once in Indian roads

Pixelated at: Airport Road, Bangalore

Traditional New Year dinner

As long as I can remember, bread with chicken curry has been our dinner for both Christmas and New Year. Small family, sitting around the table, we enjoy chatting while having the dinner.

Pixelated at: Home, Tuticorin

From home garden

Life is beautiful;
Discover it.

Pixelated at: Home, Tuticorin

A good way to start the year

Looking at the photo, one might mistake me to have a hidden agenda of preaching. No, definitely not.

At least once-a-year, we try to go to church as a family. (As a matter of fact, that is the only time, I go to church). Over the years, I've gone from having 'absolute faith' to 'absolutely no faith'. Yet, every year, I go for either XMas mass or New Year mass, depending on when I am in my parent's home.

It makes my mother happy that we go to church as a family and it makes me happy that I can make her happy. I don't think there is a better way to tell of my love to her. And what is a better way to start the year than to be with the family!

Pixelated at: Parish Church, Tuticorin Harbour