Pixelated Moments

Unifying madness

In the past decade or so, Cricket has come up as an unifying thread for all Indians - poor and rich, politicians and sane, gals and boys and old and young. Most of Indians (and most of the world) mistake Cricket to be our national game. If one is not Cricket-crazy, he or she is crazy!

Here, in the new firm I joined, inter-departmental cricket match is going on. So far our unit won two matches.

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Still settling down

It has been almost half a month since I came to Bangalore and still I'm in the process of getting this or that. I sense a bit of arrogance in service folks, like for mobile connection. Unlike in Chennai, here the attitude is take it or leave it.

I got an apartment near the office. Here you see me checking Geyser connection, essential in this cold weather and sadly it wasn't there. Eventually the owner did make it.

In the process, I got sick with all the pollution and cold weather.

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Construction everywhere

Bangalore is growing in leaps. Companies think that having Bangalore in their list of offices is a status symbol. Being a small city, it is not able to cope with this growth. Infrastructure is going down; rains damage whatever minimal infrastructure that exists; government and corporate blame each other for the mess. With all of this, the city is highly polluted (with dust/smoke). I feel warmly welcome!

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